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With over a decade of hands-on experience, Lucie has been instrumental in driving the success of numerous dental practices, from established clinics to brand-new ventures. Her passion lies in empowering dental practice principals and their managers to build exceptional teams, craft world-class patient experiences, and achieve operational excellence—all while ensuring profitability and sustainable growth.


Discover how Lucie's expertise can transform your practice into a thriving, patient-centric, and profitable business.

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Making dental practices truly exceptional.


Lucie's expertise lies in actively contributing to practice success by implementing growth-driven strategies and fostering positive working environments.

Team expansion

Specialising in strategic team expansion, Lucie ensures a cohesive and efficient working environment for dental practice owners and their teams.

Profit optimisation

Lucie's impressive track record includes spearheading initiatives leading to substantial increases in annual profits for the practices she has been involved with.


Lucie is on a mission to help practices with leading exceptional teams. She is passionate about creating sustainable, happy practices that attract both talent and patients.

How can I help?

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About Lucie...

My passion is working with dental practice owners and practice managers to build great teams and a world class patient journey. Having worked in the dental industry for more than a decade, my focus has been on helping practices increase their turnover and deliver exceptional customer experience with five-star service.

Before the world of Dentistry, my background was journalism and media. First starting out in the newsroom at the BBC, before I moved into newspapers and later switching roles to focus on marketing and the newly emerging social media channels at the time.

Since 2021 I have been working with Ashley Latter delivering his renowned training courses to dental practice teams, as well as running his Practice Managers' Club.

Lucie has a commitment to making dental practices not just successful, but truly exceptional.

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The Lucie Simic Process©

Transformative Mentorship; Let Me Elevate Your Practice Management Skills

The role of a dental practice manager is challenging and often lonely, making the guidance of a mentor vital for success. The Lucie Simic Process© offers exactly that. The Lucie Simic Process© covers every crucial aspect of practice management, from ensuring regulatory compliance and fostering leadership skills to honing communication abilities and cultivating a patient-centric focus. Dive deep into team building, financial management, and technology integration, navigating the complexities of dental practice management with confidence.

This comprehensive roadmap goes beyond conventional methods, delving into personal development and providing the tools to not just manage, but to lead and thrive in the realm of world-class dental practices.

Explore the nuances of relationship-building, brand ambassadorship, and conflict resolution, and learn to harness the power of your practice’s brand and culture to enhance visibility. Join Lucie on this transformative journey, emphasising continuous education and the implementation of performance metrics. Together, we will guide you towards managing a world-class dental practice with grace and resilience.

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Growth driven strategies for success.

Lucie's expertise lies in implementing growth-driven strategies and fostering positive working environments. As a strategic team expansion specialist, she actively contributes to practice success by ensuring cohesive and efficient working environments for dental practice owners and their teams. Her track record speaks volumes, showcasing substantial increases in annual profits for practices fortunate enough to have her guidance.

In the world of dental consultancy, Lucie stands out for her passion, expertise, and dedication to making a lasting impact. With a vision for exceptionalism and a knack for storytelling, Lucie is shaping the future of dental practices, one success story at a time.

Get in touch with Lucie today.

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